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Artist Statement

I am a storyteller. Each piece of art tells the story of my life from Engineer to Artist and reflects my brain’s neuroplasticity. Through my embossed art, jewelry, and photography, I strive to translate the connections I see in the world and feel in my heart. Where I once saw the world very technically before my brain injury, neurorehabilitation taught me to grasp onto the fluidity of life.   I just create what comes from my heart to my brain, turning each new piece of art into the storyteller in my stead. I do not make anything without a story.

Each of my stories has a purpose. Each story is about helping others. This is why any time I sell a piece of art, I donate all net proceeds to help others with conditions of the nervous system, allowing them to gain access to the neurorehabilitation that helps me so much.

At the age of fiftysomething, while working for a large engineering firm as a Project Manager, I began having headaches. The headaches were so severe that one day I passed out during a meeting with HR. At the time, no one knew the cause of this episode, but after a very long and difficult search for answers, I was diagnosed with Hemiplegic Migraines. Thus began my health issues and my search for answers. 

You'd think knowing the problem would make finding a solution relatively easy. But no... I ended up with a doctor more interested in experimenting on his patients rather than help them. His experiments eventually led to my Traumatic Brain Injury after he improperly injected an experimental drug directly into my spine, causing a series of strokes.

I finally found the right doctor, and I credit him with saving my life. Despite the damage to both hemispheres of my brain, he led me through a rehabilitation process to teach my brain the neuroplasticity that I needed to become a functional person again. During my extensive treatment with him, one day I was wearing a beaded chain with a pendant on it, which I had made. He asked if I'd made anything before, but I had not. He told me to keep it up. Three months later, I had made endless and more complex designs. I made so much jewelry, I had to give it away. I quit counting after I created over 2000 individual pieces.  

From beads to sterling silver to fine jewelry, I moved into art photography, leather work, metal work, and resin designs. I even dabble in landscape design now! 

About Deborah Marie


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.      I also take commissions! Let's connect.

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